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Level 1 Lesson Plan: Building Bridges of Kindness
Miércoles, Mayo 23, 2018

Note to the parent or teacher: Here is a 40- to 60-minute lesson plan that covers the lesson objectives, “Learn the negative effects of gossip, criticism, and senseless interactions,” and “Learn how to compliment and appreciate others.” (Character Building: Social Skills: Communication and Interaction-1c,d)

Listen toAudio: Love Is of God.”

ReadStanding on God’s Word: Kind Words.” Discuss unkind words and their power. Perhaps you or your child can share a personal experience of saying something unkind to someone, and how you felt disheartened or troubled by having done so.

Now look at a kinder way, and ask your child to recall something nice or encouraging said to them. Have them describe how it made them feel. If you remember your child encouraging someone recently, remind them of that. That will encourage them that you notice, which will help reinforce the value of this lesson.

Listen toAudio: Love Thy Neighbor.”

ReadBuilding Bridges.”

Talk about the quote “People are lonely because they build walls around themselves instead of bridges to reach others.” Relate a time when someone built a bridge to you and when you built a bridge to another person, and tell your child about these experiences. Encourage your child to think of a time when they experienced someone building a bridge to them. Now ask them if they can think of someone they could build a bridge to.

Listen toAudio: ‘Done It unto Me.’

ReadLove, the Greatest Commandment, Part 9: Speak Well of Others.”

Listen toAudio: If Ye Have Love.”

ReadThe Ways of Love.” To end the class, the children can trace the figures on pages 7 through 9 to use in making their own “Loving Ways” book.

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