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You Brighten My World!
Friday, March 13, 2015

A message from Jesus 

I have a great love for the little creatures of My creation.

When I first made the little creatures, I placed a small insect on My finger, hardly bigger than My little fingernail. I was pleased. Though it looked so small, so seemingly helpless and so gentle, it had My respect. It carried on in just the way I planned, doing the duties I implanted within its design to make its species carry on for millenniums.

Sometimes you might find yourself in a low moment, when you feel as small as a bug on the ground, but take heart! Remember that no matter what, you'll always be within My grasp. I love everything about you. No matter what difficulty you find yourself in, or how unnoticed or labeled or hopeless you feel you are, remember, I know you!

I designed you, and I placed within you a heart that beats to My rhythm. I placed within you instincts and feelings, a mind and a conscience, and countless other things to help you lead a wonderful and fulfilling life.


And of course you're much more important to Me than all the fascinating little bugs that I created.

So if you ever feel as small as a bug, remind yourself that you brighten up My world!

Contributed by MWS staff. Illustration by Zeb. Design by Stefan Merour.
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