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Lost and Found!
Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Ten-year-old Nana was having a trying morning. Nana had been preparing a special present to give to her teacher, Miss Marissa. It was a bead bracelet, and Nana had made it herself. She had picked out a gold and blue flower pattern from a crafts book she had borrowed from the library, and she had used her evenings and weekends to complete it. But now it was missing, and the birthday party for Miss Marissa was to be that afternoon!

“Charlie, have you seen the bracelet I made for Miss Marissa?” Nana asked her brother as she rummaged around the dining room, looking to see if it had perhaps fallen to the floor. “It was here just a moment ago. …”

“No, I haven’t seen it,” Charlie replied apologetically.

“What should I do?” asked Nana. “Now I won’t have anything to give Miss Marissa, and I wanted to give her something special for her birthday.” Nana was beginning to feel sorry for herself. “Everyone else will be giving her something, and I’ll be the only one with nothing to give.”

Nana, a voice called.

But Nana was so busy searching around her desk that she didn’t hear the soft voice calling to her.

Nana. The voice called again.

“It was here just a moment ago. … Maybe one of my sisters stole it!” Nana gasped at that thought, and she thought of how unkind it was to steal something that she had worked so hard on.


Nana paused as she heard the whisper. This time she stopped, went to her bedroom, and asked Jesus if He had anything to show her.

Nana, My precious girl, said Jesus, of course I know where the bracelet is. Nothing is lost to Me, but you need to slow down and listen to Me. I’ve been trying to get your attention.

Oh my, Nana thought, I have been rather distracted getting the present ready and thinking about decorating the cupcakes we’re taking to the party this afternoon.

I know, and that’s why I allowed this to happen. You see, I wanted to spend some time with you, and I knew that today seemed so busy that it would be difficult for you to come to Me on your own. So I allowed something to happen that would help to push you toward Me.

Nana smiled then, a really big smile that came straight from her heart and traveled all the way to the tips of her fingers and toes. You want to spend time with me so much that You sometimes allow mishaps?

I love to be with you. But sometimes the only time you’re still enough to listen is when something difficult happens and you come to Me for help. That is why I sometimes allow problems to come your way so that you’ll pause and come close to Me.

Nana was no longer worried about the present that had gone missing or the busyness of her day. She realized that Jesus knew where the bracelet was, and she thanked Him for helping her to use the lost bracelet to spend time with Him. I love to spend time with You, Jesus, Nana thought. Only sometimes the day is so busy, and I forget.

I understand. And now that I’ve got your attention, I will show you where your bracelet is.

Nana returned to the dining room, and as Jesus guided Nana’s thoughts, she picked up a stack of cards that someone had placed on top of the bracelet—the present for Miss Marissa was found!

Later that day, Nana was telling her younger brother and sisters the story of the lost bracelet. “You see, I might have found it by myself, but it would probably have taken me quite a lot longer. And if I hadn’t stopped and listened to Jesus, then I wouldn’t have had that special time with Him.”

Authored by R. A. Watterson. Illustrated by Leila Shae. Designed by Roy Evans.
Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2021 by The Family International
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