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My Pet Wish
Monday, June 7, 2021

Animals live all over, you know,
They live in deserts, on plains, and in snow.
And since I want to find a pet,
I'll head to the zoo to see what to get.

An elephant! Now that's what I'd want!
With a pet so huge, I could swing on his trunk.
But, oh! He'd eat much too much!
To feed him would be way too tough.

What's that I see just barely in sight?
It's something small, all black and white.
A skunk is small, he'd fit in bed,
But his stink would drive me right out of my head.

The lion is strong, the tiger, too,
But in my garden, what would they do?
They'd wander around from day to night
With nary an antelope--not one--in sight.

The giraffe is very, very tall;
He'd look right over the neighbor's wall.
Maybe there's some place else to be
If I want to have a pet at home with me?

Well, now here's a thought--
To see what can be bought--
A pet shop, you say?
Let's head that way!

A kitten, a puppy,
Red parrots, goldfish…
A cute, fuzzy bunny!
Yes, that I should wish!

That's it, the bunny's the one!
I'll pack him up in a little crate,
And take him right home,
To his house by my gate.

If my family isn’t ready for that—
A bunny, a dog, or even a cat—
I can settle for a tank and fish.
This can be the start of my pet wish.

Sometimes I have big dreams,
Of things to see and do.
I can make some thoughts happen,
Others I adjust to make true.

If I think of something grand
I won’t despair if it can’t be.
Instead, I’ll look for a new way
To build amazing dreams, you see.

Author unknown. Illustrated by Sandra Reign. Colored and designed by Roy Evans.
Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2021 by The Family International.
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