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A Singing Goose?
Monday, May 24, 2021

To sing is just so very tough.
I sing at night and in the sun.
Sing when I walk, sing when I run.

“What is wrong with my throat?
That I can only croak and never reach a note?"
Goosey, with a voice of dismay,
Said right before she hit the hay.

"I cannot seem to make my song
Last very sweetly or very long,
But I know someday ’twill be heard
A lovely sound, like the songbird."

She fell asleep and she dreamed that
(Wanting to be more than like a cat)
A kitten thought that she could be
A lion that roars fearlessly.

It looked so odd and so funny
That Mama Cat said, "Now, now, honey,
The farmer wants you as a cat.
He likes you as you are, like that:

“Soft and gentle and quite fluffy.
A little pet, not a big toughie!"
"Okay," said Kitty, "I'll meow.
I will not moo like a belled cow.

“I will not bark like a brave dog.
I will not leap like a green frog.
I will not graze like a white lamb:
I'll be exactly who I am."

Then Goosey from her dream awoke,
And to herself wisely spoke:
"I had a dream, and I am guessin’
It was a dream with a lesson.

“The farmer, you know, he wants me!
Not a songbird in a high tree,
Not a bright colorful parrot,
Not a rabbit with a carrot.

“He doesn't want a big brown moose.
He wants me as I am—a goose!"

Authored by Koriane Qui. Illustrated by Sandra Reign. Colored and designed by Roy Evans.
Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2021 by The Family International.
Tagged: poems and poetry, contentment, children's stories