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“Flexible, Bendable Lofty,” Supplement (Orderliness and Adaptability-2b)

The story “Flexible, Bendable Lofty” was meant to highlight the following learning objective: “Understand the importance and benefits of being adaptable; learn of the detriments to being inflexible.”

Here are some questions to talk about with your child on this topic:

  • What do you think it means to be adaptable? (If your child doesn’t know, or isn’t able to explain this term, take some time to look the definition up in a dictionary or thesaurus.)
  • In what situations do you think it would be good to keep an adaptable mindset?

S&S link: Orderliness and Adaptability-2a


DOC: Suplemento de «Majesto el flexible y adaptable» (Orden y adaptabilidad-2b)
DOC: Suplemento de “Altiva, a Árvore Flexível e Maleável” (Ordem e adaptabilidade-2b)