0-5 Lesson Plan: Better Done in Teamwork
Monday, September 10, 2018 at 4:00AM
My Wonder Studio in 0–5 lesson plan, teamwork

The following is a 30-minute lesson plan covering the benefits of teamwork and unity and why many things are better when done in harmony with others.

ReadGetting Things Done Together.”

Brainstorm other games or sports that work better when done in teamwork. Discuss how the game or sport might not be as fun or successful if you try to play alone.

ReadBuilding as a Team.”

List other work or events that require people working together to make it successful. (For example, an orchestra, a dance/performance troupe, a sports team, etc.)

WatchAs a Team.”

Read Character ABC: U Is for Unity.”

Look up1 Corinthians 12:20–24,” and then talk about how odd it would be if different parts of the body didn’t work well together. Imagine with your child how difficult it would be for the body to do some of the things one easily does if the different parts of the body didn’t work well together.

Color Coloring Page: Character ABC: U Is for Unity.”

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