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Level 1 Lesson Plan: You Can Be Strong  

Note to the parent or teacher: Here is a 40- to 60-minute lesson plan that covers the lesson objective, “Learn that no problem one experiences is too big, bad, or ugly to take to Jesus; learn of the comfort and strength Jesus gives.” (Christian Life and Faith: A Personal Connection with Jesus: Jesus, Your Best Friend-1c)

Listen to “Audio: Me and You.”

ReadStanding on God’s Word: Heavenly Joy.” After reading this article, talk about possible reasons the girl felt better after prayer.

  • Jesus always answers when we ask for help.
  • By looking to Jesus in prayer, she was relying on His strength and not her own.
  • Because she knew Jesus loves her, it gave her peace knowing she had asked Him for help.
  • (Read the accompanying Bible verse.) Jesus gives us the joy and peace that comes from knowing He understands our needs and will help us.

ReadStanding on God’s Word: Guidance.” Possible discussion points on this article:

  • Joe didn’t know what to do, but he asked Jesus for help because he trusted Jesus to give him a solution.
  • The Bible verse in the article promises that Jesus will give us the guidance we need when we look to Him for it. Ask your children if they can think of times when Jesus gave them the guidance they asked for.
  • Ask your children about times they faced taking part in a game or activity that they don’t agree with. Talk about how Jesus can guide them to solutions. In this case, the solution was suggesting a positive type of play. Sometimes the solution will be to simply not take part and do something else, even if that means playing on one’s own.

ReadStanding on God’s Word: Contentment.” Possible discussion points on this article:

  • Has your child felt disappointment when comparing with a friend’s talent? Talk about it, and discuss the talents your child has.
  • The verse says there is “great gain” with being content. Can your child think of things that can be gained from being content?
    --Instead of comparing, you can be happier by being thankful for your own talents and blessings.
    --When you focus on being thankful for what you have, you are then free to strive to do the most with what you have and often find out it’s far more than you realized.
  • Aimee wishes she could bake as well as Melissa can. Perhaps Aimee could spend time with her mother or another teacher to learn how. Talk about how being content doesn’t mean not striving to gain new talents.
  • How does practicing contentment strengthen a person? What verse from “Strength for the Day” could be applied?

Read Standing on God’s Word: Making Friends.” Possible discussion points on this article:

  • The girl didn’t know anyone, but when the other children invited her to play, she responded by joining in and was able to make new friends. Talk about how that was showing friendliness, like what the Bible verse talks about.
  • Ask your child if they can think of times they have gained friends by being friendly or if they can recall times when they could have been friendlier.

Read Standing on God’s Word: Rising Above.” Possible discussion points on this article:

  • How does the Bible verse in this class apply to what the boy’s reactions were to the events he describes?
  • What helped him be happier?
  • What experience has recently robbed your child of his or her joy? Talk about ways to apply the Bible verse and rise above such an experience.

Read Standing on God’s Word: Strength for the Day” and talk about ways your child can gain strength from each Bible promise.

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S&S link: Christian Life and Faith: A Personal Connection with Jesus: Jesus, Your Best Friend-1c

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