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Level 1 Lesson Plan: With Jesus by Your Side

Note to parent or teacher: Here is a 30- to 40-minute lesson plan that highlights the lesson objectives: “Learn of God's power to protect and comfort when you're feeling fearful; recognize that God is stronger than one’s fears; read and memorize scripture upon which these principles are based.” (Character Building: Values and Virtues: Courage-1a)


Read The Protective Tower.”

Talk about ways you and your child have experienced God’s protection.

Read Follow Jesus Today.” Talk with your child about how Jesus is leading him/her along a good path, and that Jesus is in front of him/her and will help your child overcome any difficulties that might be faced.

Listen toA Strong Tower.”

Read the bottom half of page 4 of “Focus on the Light,” to encourage your child about how God has assigned a guardian angel to help watch over and care for each person.

Read A Strategy Like None Other.”

Listen toVictory Praise Chant.”

Talk about how the use of praise can help your child gain courage and overcome fear.

Read Psalm 23”and talk with your child about the application of the verses. The following are some things you might want to bring out. If your child is worried or fearful about something in his/her life, there are many good promises in this psalm that can help strengthen one’s faith.

                Verse 1: When the psalm says “I shall not want,” this refers to how God is good to us and will provide whatever we need.

                Verse 2: King David, who wrote the psalm, had been a shepherd of sheep when he was younger. Shepherds appreciate green pastures for feeding their sheep, and still waters for their sheep to drink from. So the psalm uses these symbols to explain God’s faithful and loving care of us, His sheep.

                Verse 3: “Restore” here means to give someone renewed strength. When we read the Bible, God’s Word gives us the strength of faith in God’s love and care, which makes us happy. The second half of the verse tells us how God always leads us to do good and righteous things.

                Verse 4: Even when we lose a loved one, God comforts us with the knowledge that we will meet again in His heavenly kingdom.

                Verse 5: God takes good care of us at all times, even if we’re around some person who doesn’t like us. “Anointing with oil” was a symbol of God’s power in Bible days. This verse tells us how God anoints us with His power and strength to face every challenge in our lives. God also fills our lives with abundant love; He pours so much love into our lives that it can spill over from us on to others.

                Verse 6: God sends good things our way all throughout our lives, and He shows us His loving mercy. We have the wonderful encouragement of knowing that because we have Jesus in our lives, we will live with Him forever and always be able to experience His goodness and mercy.

Listen to Audio: Psalm 23.” To help the children memorize this chapter, you could possibly have this play in the background during other activities throughout the day.

ReadA World with No Courage.”

ReadBright Pebbles: Power, Power, Power!” Remember to do the “action” on the last page.

Pray a prayer of thanksgiving for ways you and your child see God’s various gifts mentioned in the articles above at work in your lives, such as His protection, strength, goodness, love, care, mercy, and power. End the prayer by asking for God’s help in specific ways that your child needs strengthened.

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S&S link: Character Building: Virtues: Courage-1a

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