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The Kingdom of Vog

Sir Gallant the Knight was returning to the City of Philos, but he had lost his way and had wandered into the Kingdom of Vog. Stopping by a wayside tavern, he alighted to ask for directions, but he could not find anyone who knew how to get to the City of Philos. Those he met told him that he had entered the Kingdom of Vog and should return quickly from whence he had come, for strangers were not welcome in this land.

While inquiring at the tavern, Sir Gallant had noticed the peculiar behavior of these people. The customers who filled the tavern complained continually and loudly to the others of their lot and how their neighbors had more than they did. The sound of bickering filled every corner of the room. Sir Gallant observed the owner of the tavern serving a man a tankard of cider and overheard the unhappy customer complain that the mug was not large enough.

“What do you want?—A bucket? If you want more cider, give me more money,” the owner of the tavern yelled as he waved his hand in front of the man’s face.

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Video: The Sinking Canoe


See "Video: The Sinking Canoe Supplement (Teamwork-2c)" for additional material in teaching your child the following learning objective: “Recognize whether a chore, a challenge, or an assignment calls for help from an outside source, and learn how to ask for help.”

S&S link: Character Building: Social Skills: Teamwork-2c

Contributed by Christi S. Lynch, adapted from the writings of Maria Fontaine. Illustrations by Zeb. Animation by Zebtoonz Productions.



“Aye. Ye’ll sure be a-needin’ His help out there, lad.”

The kindly voice caused 11-year-old Christopher Crosse to raise his head and open his eyes. Smiling down at him with mop in hand was dear old Pat Brady, the wise and wizened school caretaker.

 Chris blushed. He had been muttering a prayer while fingering his tiny gold crucifix. It was only fifteen minutes before the game, but the changing room was still empty; the rest of the boys on St. Declan’s school soccer team were across the field in the pavilion enjoying the encouragement of friends and relatives. Chris had few friends amongst his classmates and, being an orphan, no known relatives.

“And comin’ from Him is the darn best encouragement indeed,” Pat continued as if reading the boy’s mind.

With a shy smile, Chris mumbled an affirmative.

“So don’t be a-lettin’ me interrupt yer contemplation. I’ll jes’ be doin’ a quick mop o’ the locker room and I’m out.”

 The moment Pat slipped quietly through the side exit, the main door burst open letting in a whirlwind of clatter and chatter, headed by a tall, dark-haired 12-year-old boy. He stood over Chris with a benign grin and winked.

Pete Langley. Chris liked him and looked up to him, and it seemed Pete liked him too, but any attempt on either side to develop a close friendship was fraught with concern for opinion. Pete was everything Chris was not: tall, good looking, and popular, and Chris, being short, reticent and plain, was out of the running for membership in the Pete Langley “club.” The wink was enough reassurance, however, and Chris stood up, drew a deep breath, and smiled.

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The Purple Hat

On the imaginary planet of Nog, lived the Noggians, a friendly one-eyed, blue-skinned race of people. They wore purple clothes in a style that, to you and me, would seem rather like pajamas. The Noggians loved the color purple, and prized the tree that gave them a rich, purple sap. The Noggians made dye from the sap, and dyed all their cloth to be a hue of purple.

King Bloggish was the king of Nog. He was a grand and generous man, and was greatly loved by all the Noggians.

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