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Puppendorf 03: “Mitten Hands”

“You have cooked a delicious meal, Kayla,” said Angela, as she, Doris and Priscilla pretended to eat from the toy table set.

“It's some kind of an Italian rice thingy, right?” said Doris. “I forget what it's called.”

“Risotto,” said Kayla.

“Are the Bimbos not coming?” Priscilla asked.

Kayla’s face fell. “Er ... they asked what I was cooking, and when I told them, they said they were going to be having salad instead.”

“Hmmm,” Angela said with a concerned expression. “They’re eating out tonight, anyway.”

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Puppendorf 02: Lady White and Blanche

Annabelle peeked into the Kessler mansion’s guest suite and her mouth fell open with awe. On top of a mountain of luggage, a huge wooden Noah's ark lay open on its side, most of its contents having tumbled into a heap on the floor.

“Kayla, come quick!” she whispered. “And shhh, I don't want to wake them up!”

“Wow!” said Kayla. “That's a lot of company. Must be every stuffed animal in existence. But why are they all asleep?”

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Puppendorf 01: Scary Shumba


Hello, children! Or “bonjour,” or “hola” or even “bom dia,” as they say in Brazil. It is quite possible that you are reading this story while tucked in bed, so it is “good evening children” (or whatever the language is of the country in which you happen to live). It could be boa noite, as they say in Portuguese and it just so happens that this story is set in Brazil. If you close your eyes, you can imagine the scenes as we take a trip to the beautiful Brazilian city of Petropolis and visit a mansion, where in one of the children’s bedrooms there is a small community called Puppendorf. The word “puppen” is German for “dollies” and “dorf” is German for “village”.

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