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Notice: Level 1 Lesson Plan: You Are Capable

Level 1 Lesson Plan: You Are Capable” is a new lesson plan posted in the parents and teachers section. This lesson plan of 20 to 30 minutes covers the lesson objective, “Learn various skills appropriate to one’s age.” (Character Building: Personal Responsibility: Learning and Study Skills-1c)


Skills Exhibition

“Ahh, I see a bright future for Nog!” King Bloggish exclaimed while looking over his land from the castle balcony. “I enjoy watching the children study and learn. Each student is gaining knowledge and talents that will help make them fine, productive citizens of our land, and it is my wish that one day they will take Nog to new heights of success.”

King Bloggish and Toshgi were watching a small group of schoolchildren taking part in their morning classes, sitting at desks in the shade of a large tree. You see, in the land of Nog, school was always held outdoors. The pleasant climate of Nog, and the fact that rain only fell during the night, made this possible. Noggians believed that fresh air enhanced the learning capabilities of the children.

“The future of Nog belongs to you,” said Miss Appsel the Instructress, “because you will grow to be the future citizens and leaders of our beautiful land one day.

“To help prepare for the future, King Bloggish requires that we, your teachers, encourage each of you to learn a new skill outside of your regular schooling that will be an asset in your adult lives. As King Bloggish so aptly put it, ‘Every skill one masters today becomes a solid stone in the house of fulfillment for the future.’”

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