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Audio: God of Miracles

I believe this world is God’s creation, and He’s a God of miracles.
He gave His Word by revelation. I know He’s a God of miracles.
And when His children, they cry out and pray, I know He’s just the same today
As yesterday and forever, yeah. [A God of miracles.]

Yesterday, today, and forever.

Joshua prayed upon a hill. [A God of miracles.]
A battle was won because the sun stood still. [He's a God of miracles.]
Elijah prayed with a great desire. [A God of miracles.]
God gave him rain and sent the fire. [He's a God of miracles.]
Moses prayed, stretched out his rod. 
Three Hebrews prayed, through flames they trod.
Their companion was the Son of God. [A God, yeah, of miracles.]

If you say there's no God, take a look around,
When you see the light and you hear the sound.
The sun and moon keep shining,
Right, every day, every day, hey, and every night.
It’s all shown, He’s on the throne, uh,
It just declares He’s still upstairs.
I don't doubt it,
I am talkin’ about it.
You can take it or leave it,
But you’d better believe it.

Jesus came to earth, He made the blind men see. [A God of miracles.]
Gave His life to save a sinner like me. [A God of miracles.]
He gives us guidance and protection, [Yeah, a God of miracles.]
And eternal life at the Resurrection. [Yeah, He's a God of miracles.]
And when His children, they cry out and pray, you know He’s just the same today, hey, 
As yesterday and forever, yeah, yeah. [A God of miracles.]
And if you’ll just cry out and pray,
He’ll show He’s just the same today.
Yesterday and forever, 
Yesterday and forever.

S&S link: Christian Life and Faith: Spiritual Insight and Awareness: Miracles-1e

Music and lyrics by Emmanuel Gilligan.
Copyright © 1998 by The Family International


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