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The Story of the Four Seeds

Once upon a time, four little seeds sat together in a small bag.

 Only a few days earlier Mr. Farmer had reached into his bag of seeds and removed all of the other seeds. Now there were only four seeds left—Biggest Seed, Littlest Seed, Roundest Seed, and Flattest Seed.

“Where have the other seeds gone?” the seeds wondered. “Why haven’t they returned?”

The four seeds knew Mr. Farmer was a good man, but now they were filled with uncertainty about their futures. “Will we be taken too?” whispered the seeds to each other.

The very next day they heard Mr. Farmer talking to his friend. “Today I will plant these seeds,” he said, as he gave the bag a little shake.

Within the bag the seeds huddled closely together.

“I will plant them deep into the earth,” said the farmer. “I will space them apart to give their roots room to grow.”

The seeds did not understand what “plant” meant or what “earth” was. And to hear they would soon be separated from each other when they had never been apart before caused them to worry. The seeds trembled and fretted.


Later that day, the farmer took the seeds from the bag and looked at each seed in turn.

“For a little while you will be covered in dirt,” said Mr. Farmer in a kind voice, “and it may seem scary. But if you will be patient and brave, you will soon begin a new life, and will grow into something so beautiful you could not even imagine it right now.”

The seeds took comfort in these words, and the next day the farmer set out with his bags of seeds.

Remember, we must be brave,” said Biggest Seed to the others, as he was the first to be plucked from the bag. He found himself placed carefully into a hole made in the earth, and then after a last fond look from the farmer, he was covered up.

Next Littlest Seed was planted, then Roundest Seed, and then Flattest Seed.


One by one, the seeds all found themselves planted gently in the ground.

Each seed lay in the earth by itself and at first felt lonely. But soon, they found they had new friends. An ant traveled by one, and a worm by another. “Greetings!” these creatures of the earth would say as they passed, and the seeds no longer felt so alone.

Days passed, then weeks. When the seeds felt impatient or sad, they would recall the farmer’s words. They would whisper to themselves, “I must be brave; I am the beginning of new life.”

One ordinary day, Littlest Seed found that he was no longer underground. Sometime in the night, he had grown up and up and up. He was now looking up toward the bright blue sky.


“It finally happened!” the little shoot exclaimed. “I have become new life!” Looking around, he saw his friends Biggest Seed, Roundest Seed, and Flattest Seed, and they rejoiced at being reunited after having been apart for so long. It was a happy day.

The following days passed quickly for them, as they talked together, and laughed, and swayed with the passing breeze.

They marveled at the seasons, and how their leaves and branches would change with the passing of days and the changes in weather.

Many years later, when each was a fine, tall tree, giving shade to many younger saplings, they would recall that time so long ago when they had trembled at the thought of being buried in the earth.

“I am glad we chose to be brave and trust Mr. Farmer,” said Flattest Seed to the others.

The others nodded their heads and stood straight and tall. They wished many others would chose to be brave too.

The End


Jesus said, “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit” (John 12:24 ESV).

Sometimes the things we go through make us feel uneasy or lonely, and in times like that God asks us to be patient and to trust in His love for us. There will come a time when even those sad or difficult times will bring forth the blessing of happiness once again.

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Authored by T. M., based on the writings of Akio Matsuoka.
Illustrations by Yoko Matsuoka.

Copyright © 2012 by Akio Matsuoka. Used by permission.

DOC: The Story of the Four Seeds (Spanish)
DOC: The Story of the Four Seeds (Portuguese)
PDF: The Story of the Four Seeds (Japanese)