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Audio: Hasten Now, O Shepherds

Hasten now, O shepherds,
Go to Bethlehem,
There to see the Virgin
And the Savior of all men!

Quickly, quickly,
Run today!
See the smiling baby
In a manger of hay.
Quickly, quickly,
Who will get there first
To see the King of the universe!

Such a tiny infant,
Born this holy day.
Cheer Him with your singing.
Hallelujah, hey!

(Repeat chorus)

Almost there!
Hasten now, O shepherds,
Hasten to adore
Jesus, gift of heaven;
King forever more!

(Repeat chorus)

One more time!

(Repeat chorus)

To see the King of the universe,
To see the King of the universe,
To see the King … quickly!

S&S link:
Christian Life and Faith: Biblical and Christian Foundation: Jesus, God’s Son-1b

A traditional Puerto Rican carol, with chorus by Cathy Gehr.
Sung by Kevin Brauer, Tracy Brauer, Arthur Gilligan, and Emmanuel Gilligan. Produced and arranged by Emmanuel Gilligan.
Copyright © 2006 Aurora Production AG. Used by permission.


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